Speaker Interview
Robert Denson, Senior Vice President – Technology & Operations, Malaffi

Q-1 Tell us about Malaffi – how it will empower healthcare providers to co-ordinate the patient care more effectively and help to increase quality of care in Abu Dhabi? 

Malaffi is the Middle East’s region first Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform that will securely connect all public and private healthcare providers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. For the first time in the capital, clinicians will have access to real-time patient healthcare records. These records include consolidated information covering clinical encounters, allergies, procedures, diagnosis and problems, laboratory and radiology results collated from all the medical facilities visited. Access to this vital data will now allow healthcare providers to have a full overview of the patient’s medical history and thus undoubtedly enhance reliable and timely diagnoses for patients.

Unified health records not only empower healthcare professionals but allow patients to be more engaged in their own care and treatment as they have access to their own records. The people of Abu Dhabi will have more insight into their own care but will also have the option to and have insights into the care of loved ones, which is especially useful for those caring for children or the elderly that may require care and support at home. We see Malaffi as a central part of the healthcare network, improving the lives of the patients by directly increasing the quality of care, but also by providing insights that will drive systematic positive transformation of the healthcare system for a better future of everyone in the Emirate.

Q-2 What are the typical barriers healthcare providers face in fostering healthcare innovation and experimenting with new solutions?

Healthcare providers often see innovative solutions inspired by their day-to-day experiences on the frontline of healthcare. However, their primary goal is to provide the very best treatment for patients and in doing so can find it difficult to ensure time for creative thinking. For those who have thought of innovative solutions, the challenge then becomes generating the funds needed as well as appropriately managing the risk. The balancing act between time, money and risk can prove to be difficult and often discouraging. We have seen the most successful organisations across the UAE find ways to incubate innovation by providing time and creating the space to inspire creative thinking.

In addition, once innovation is brought to life, the challenge becomes engaging with the audience to truly embrace it. This is often due to the fact as humans, we are all inherently resistant to change even if it is good for us. For Malaffi, we understand the important role education plays to truly explain the intricacies and benefits of new innovations and is something we are heavily focusing on at present.

Q-3 How do we measure the value of digital solutions on improving patient experience?  

Working as part of the healthcare network, true value can be defined as one thing; successful patient outcomes. This is not simple nor easy to measure but it is what we pride ourselves on, and the reason that Malaffi exists. The healthcare landscape is unique in that the offering, health, is priceless. Each of us, whether ourselves, a family member or a friend, may have had a negative experience at a hospital or clinic. We now have the ability to use digital solutions to improve patient experience by ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Q-4 In your opinion why is a platform like International Patient Experience Symposium important to the healthcare fraternity – what are your expectations from the upcoming gathering?

Our passion is empowering patients and healthcare providers and believe a fundamental element of this is encouraging collaboration. The International Patient Experience Symposium, will bring leaders in the industry together to share their experiences as well as ideas and visions on how to better the patients’ journey. For us, this is a huge benefit as Malaffi aims to improve patient experience by empowering and educating people with valuable data and making their journey through the healthcare system seamless and more enjoyable. I am very much looking forward to engaging with esteemed and pioneering industry experts to ultimately learn from each other to improve healthcare in Abu Dhabi and beyond.