“When technology usage and clinical expertise reach a level of parity at a certain point amongst different providers, patient experience becomes a differentiator amongst different healthcare providers.”

Dr. Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director, Apollo Hospitals Group

“Unified health records not only empower healthcare professionals but allow patients to be more engaged in their own care and treatment as they have access to their own records. Malaffi will allow the people of Abu Dhabi have more insight into their own care but will also have the option to and have insights into the care of loved ones, which is especially useful for those caring for children or the elderly that may require care and support at home.”

Robert Denson, Senior Vice President – Technology & Operations | Malaffi

"Historically, patient experience has focussed on processes within hospitals and outpatient clinics such as staff responsiveness, communication, cleanliness & quiet environments. But the patient journey starts well before they arrive at a facility."

Dr. Madhu Sasidhar, Chief Medical Officer & Consultant in Pulmonary Medicine & Critical Care Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

"Increasingly healthcare institutions are enabling patients to use the technology in their pockets. There are a plethora of smart phone apps and code readers now being used extensively; however, there remain some barriers which prevent technology being fully utilised to support the use of this feedback in all improvement work."

Julia Holding, Head of Experience of Care | NHS England & NHS Improvement

"To successfully deal with caregivers’ burden, we offer to staff an experiential training aimed at improving communication and introducing more compassion in the relationship."

Dr. Karen Rigamonti, Leadership & Executive Coach

"Medical error disclosure must be approached very carefully as inappropriate blame attribution to serve regulatory needs will alienate healthcare professionals and discourage them from participating in system improvements"

Maya Mallat Yassine, Group Quality Director, Group CEO Office, SEHA